Imaging Platform

Tabletop 3D Photoacoustic / Fluorescence Imaging Platform for Biomedical Research (PAFT)

The system is designed for high throughput imaging of small animal biomedical models (mice and rats). It fits on a standard lab bench. Light-tight, interlocked enclosure allows for safe operation without the need for laser safety equipment while the status of the scanned live object can be monitored using the built in camera. The system can be customized and is available in the following configurations:​​

  • Photoacoustic/ Fluorescence Imager
  • Photoacoustic/ Fluorescence with tunable OPO

Application Examples for the PAFT System:

System Resolution

Example showing resolution of the system. Projections of 3D rendered volume showing two crossed multi strand aramid fishing lines with a cross section of 150 micrometer.

Anatomical Mapping

2D projection of a 3D volume containing both kidneys of a live mouse taken with our PAFT system in photoacoustic mode on the left side. Enlarged colored projection of the same kidney along with anatomical information on the right side.

Fluorescence Tomography

Video show a live nude mouse illuminated at 790nm and imaged with an 800nm long-pass filter. The light leakage at the edge of the filter allows the imaging of the skin of the mouse. Air bubbles as well as guide rods of the mouse restrainer are visible.

Video shows a live mouse with a subcataneous injection of Indocyanine green illuminated at 760nm (Peak Excitation Wavelength of indocyanine green). The mouse was recorded with an 800nm long-pass filter which supressed the excitation wavelength. However, the fluorescent light emitted by the injected IGC is clearly visible.