Sergey Ermilov, Ph.D.


Dr. Ermilov is a scientist and entrepreneur with 15 years of expertise in Biomedical Optics and 10 years of expertise in Biomedical Photo- (Opto-) acoustics. As a CEO of PhotoSound Technologies, he handles strategic business development and marketing. His scientific expertise and interests in the field of biomedical photoacoustics include system development, theory, algorithms, computer modeling, and imaging. Dr. Ermilov received his Master of Biomedical Engineering Degree in 1998 from Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia), followed by two years of post-graduate research in the field of biomedical optics with emphasis on laser-tissue interactions. In 2006 he was awarded a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Rice University where he was doing research on biological application of optical tweezers. His entrepreneurial interest was piqued in 2014 when he attended the pilot NIH I-Corps™ Business Training Program learning the aspects of effective commercial transition as it is applied to biomedical startups. During his employment at Fairway Medical Technologies and TomoWave Laboratories, Dr. Ermilov has participated in the successful development of a variety of photoacoustic instrumentation including the real-time photoacoustic / ultrasonic imaging systems for early detection of breast / prostate cancer and three-dimensional photoacoustic / laser ultrasound imaging system for diagnosis of breast cancer. He was the PI on several projects. Dr. Ermilov is an author of 19 peer-reviewed publications and 1 patent.

Hans Peter Brecht, Ph.D.


Dr. Brecht, earned his M.S. in applied laser technology in 2002 from the University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg-Ostfriesland-Wilhelmhaven, and his Ph.D. in biomedical sciences in the Department of Cellular Physiology and Molecular Physics at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston in 2007. For his thesis, he specialized in the non-invasive optoacoustic detection of blood oxygenation in large blood vessels. He designed custom optoacoustic transducers and fabricated them. He developed new data acquisition and signal processing for the project. After receiving his Ph.D., he worked for Fairway Medical Technologies where he led the design of a small animal optoacoustic imaging system for research in drug delivery and blood distribution monitoring. He then started working at Physical Optics Corporation, in Torrance, Ca where was involved in the development of an acousto-optic imaging system, Raman‑based Lidar systems, and led the development of animated articulated flame test manikins for the testing of protective clothing, specialized tools for the Joint Strike Fighter program, as well as non-lethal weapons and crowd control devices. At Photosound he is responsible for the daily operations as well as the mechanical design aspect of the product development.

Vassili Ivanov, Ph.D.

​CTO, Systems Architect

Dr. Ivanov obtained his PhD in physics at the University of California, Los Angeles in the area of single molecule microscopy and statistical physics of biopolymers. His research at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases spanned the area of in vitro reconstruction of minimal biological systems. At the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Vassili developed a fluorescence lifetime correlation spectroscopy system used for measurement of receptor protein intrinsic motion on a sub-microsecond time scale. After transition from academia to industry Vassili specialized on parallel multichannel acquisition of small signals at the signal to noise level close to the thermodynamic limit of electric noise in the presence of strong EMI sources (for example, high power pulsed lasers used for opto- / photo-acoustics). At Tomowave he was developing data acquisition, power and motion control systems for preclinical and clinical research. He also worked on optimization of the products for certification and manufacturability. At PhotoSound Vassili is developing new analog and digital stages for data acquisition, motion control, power distribution and control systems.

Mark Little Ph.D

​Director of Business Development

Dr. Little is an application scientist and marketing director with 17+ years of experience in scientific instrumentation and tunable laser system design and sales. Dr. Little obtained a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry investigating fundamental processes and novel applications of tunable and fixed laser systems using mass spectrometry for the analyses of biomolecular samples. He used this experience to acquire NIH government funding to develop new optical parametric oscillator (OPO) devices for a variety of scientific fields including mass spectrometry imaging, hyperspectral imaging and photoacoustic imaging at OPOTEK, LLC in Carlsbad, CA. At OPOTEK, Dr. Little also promoted OPO products in the scientific community as the sales and marketing manager for the company. As the Director of Business Development for Photosound Technologies, he will use his expertise to market novel photoacoustic imaging instrumentation using OPO laser sources. Dr. Little will help find new applications and increase the awareness and worldwide acquisition of Photosound products by research scientists with high technological backgrounds.

Ella Mahon, CFP


​Ella Mahon graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance in December 2000. Thereafter, she completed the Certified Financial Planner Certification Education program at Rice University and subsequently attained her CFP® certification. Ella practiced financial planning for high net worth, high income individuals and small businesses for over ten years. She then completed the Certificate in Accountancy program through the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston and is now sitting for the CPA exams in order to obtain her CPA license. Ella currently has her own practice, Raethom Advisory LLC. Through her business, she enjoys assisting her clients with their current financial decisions as well as strategizing their financial future with a focus on cash and tax planning. She also currently serves on the Board as Treasurer for the Alumnae Houston Chapter of the National Sorority Chi Omega. Ella is also a candidate member of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants and a member of the AICPA.